2022 - 2023 Education Enrichment Grants Program

Application Guidelines


Purpose of Education Enrichment Grants Program

To provide funding to enrich and enhance the basic curriculum and students’ educational experiences, to support teachers and staff in their creative and innovative thinking in enhancing classroom experiences and in their professional development as educators, and to provide a critical link between the PTA and school staff. PTA Education Enrichment Grants will be awarded for projects or activities that enhance student learning, improve the learning environment, and/or support an existing academic program.

Education Enrichment Grant Application Submission

Education Enrichment Grant applications should be submitted via email to arlingtonmontessoripta@gmail.com. Hard copies of the application and of supporting materials can also be submitted to Kia Haynes in the main office.

ACMPTA Funding

The Education Enrichment Grants program reflects the PTA’s continuing commitment to supporting the rich and varied learning environments at the Montessori Public School of Arlington (MPSA). The program’s funding is raised by MPSA families and friends through a variety of efforts and PTA fundraising. Through this program the ACMPTA hopes to support as many exciting projects as possible to benefit as many MPSA students as possible.

ACMPTA Teacher Grant Committee

The ACMPTA Teacher Grants Committee is comprised of the ACMPTA Executive Officers (PTA President or designee and PTA Treasurer) and the school principal.

Who May Apply

Any individual member or team of educators and/or staff that have a current, paid membership to the ACMPTA may apply. You may submit more than one application, however you may only receive one grant for the 2019-2020 school year.

Education Enrichment Grant Awards

Grants requests should not exceed $300. Your expense may be more than $300, however the grant will only cover up to $300 of that expense. Education Enrichment Grant funds must be expended during the current school year. Reimbursement request, with supporting receipts, must be received within 30 days of grant award, and all reimbursement checks must be cashed within 30 days of receipt.

Education Enrichment Grant Proposals

Grants are available for a variety of projects such as classroom/school activities/events, field/other special trips, guest speakers/assemblies, reading materials, /instructional materials, classroom supplies/tools/equipment, special projects/assignments, and teacher training/professional development that provides a benefit beyond one classroom. Grants are not generally available for projects or materials normally covered by APS or other school resources. The Education Enrichment Grant cannot be used to pay wages. All grant requests will be reviewed by the ACMPTA principal before receiving final for approval.

Education Enrichment Grant Criteria

Several points should be considered when applying for this grant.

  1. Proposals that directly benefit students and their educational experiences are encouraged.

  2. The ACMPTA would like to award grants that promote a balance in distribution of funds and in support of projects throughout the school and benefitting as many students as possible.

  3. Proposals that benefit students in multiple classrooms or students in one or more classrooms across the academic years are considered favorably. However, we respect that some proposals may impact the least amount of students but in the biggest of ways as these proposals may serve to provide a smaller number of students a more equitable educational experience with their school peers.

  4. We encourage teachers and staff to work collaboratively with their colleagues in developing proposals to meet multiple, congruent, or overlapping needs of students.

  5. We encourage teachers to develop proposals that are in line with school and PTA goals. For that reason, proposals will initially be discussed with the school Principal for appropriateness of the request, in light of overall school goals and plans, and whether other monies are available from other sources, such as requesting that fees be collected from parents, etc. Proposals will then be considered by the ACMPTA FOR final approval.

Grant Terms and Conditions

Requests for reimbursement with receipts or for direct payment should be arranged with the ACMPTA Treasurer (treasurer@ACMPTA.com). The form to be filled out for reimbursement can be found in the PTA Forms section of the ACMPTA website. Grant recipients will be required to submit a copy of any receipts for reimbursement to show proof of expenses incurred. The ACMPTA can also arrange for the payment of the Grant as arranged with the ACMPTA Treasurer. Please provide the treasurer details as to how grant should be issued (ex: payable to ____). All reimbursement checks should be cashed within 30 days of receipt.

Please remember that these grants are not Arlington Public School monies and therefore you have some freedom of choice with which vendors you choose. All items purchased through ACMPTA grants become property of MPSA.

We encourage grant recipients, when applicable, to look for ways to double benefit the school, by making purchases through stores and vendors that benefit MPSA and/or the ACMPTA (from which MPSA receives fundraising money), such as buying classroom books during the book fairs or through Scholastic book drives, or buying materials through the Box Tops Marketplace or the ACMPTA Amazon link.

By accepting this award, the Education Enrichment Grant recipient agrees to the following:

  1. Grant money will be used solely for the intended purpose outlined in the grant application;

  2. Grantee will provide copies of receipts for all expenditures funded by the Grant and incurred during the grant period. In the case that no receipts are available, a signed statement will be required outlining the breakdown of expenses and how the money was used; and

  3. Grantee will return any unexpended portions of the Grant to the ACMPTA before the end of the academic year in which the grant was distributed.

Education Enrichment Grant Recipients Showcase

The AMCPTA may showcase the grant recipients, in part, to share with the community, encourage others to apply, and inform PTA membership of how PTA money is spent and how the children benefit directly from what the ACMPTA does. The PTA may put together posters or website slideshow showing how the money was spent and the benefits. Education Enrichment Grant recipients may be asked to submit a brief report (1 page maximum) of their project or activity, and to provide photographs or other information, if applicable, to highlight the benefit of receiving the grant. Recipients are invited to speak at PTA membership meetings regarding grant projects.

Grant Proposals will be accepted, evaluated, and awarded during the grants process and within the deadlines. However, we understand that ideas can come at any time and we encourage faculty to work with PTA Executive Committee members on new ideas for additional consideration as part of an on-going process of support for our teachers, staff, and students, especially if additional PTA money is approved and available.